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About Le Melior


Le Melior is a beauty utopia where you will find the finest in natural and organic beauty that is truly clean.

We believe stunning skin should be effortless — and glowing from the inside out. That is why we have built our entire brand around providing pure, effective, and luxurious products that enable you to shine naturally.

We care about your body and well-being. We care about you as a person as special as you are and want you to be confident in illuminating your natural beauty.

Want to know more about what “Clean Beauty” means? Check out our post on why it matters.

Our Promise

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it is our goal to protect it.

It is our commitment to curate the best of natural, organic, non-toxic skin care and cosmetics and to never compromise on quality and performance. The meaning behind Le Melior, or "the better"— where “Le” is French for “the” and “Melior” is Latin for “better” — is simple; we are passionate about inspiring you to take better care of your body and to love yourself more.

We work with brands that rely on Mother Nature to provide the elements necessary for beautiful and healthy glowing skin. They share our same passion and meticulously source their ingredients while ensuring their formulations’ efficacy.

All products are tested by us first, and we only allow those that provide great experiences and results onto our shelves. So that can take the burden of searching for truly natural products and checking the ingredients off your shoulders. With the power of a well-executed beauty ritual, and products you can rely on to protect your mind, body, spirit, and precious skin, you will enjoy worry-free beauty that makes you feel and look good.


Our Passion

Every product we curate comes from our love of green beauty and our passion to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle that is founded by the principles of:

  • Organic, natural living
  • Using only safe ingredients (Learn about the ingredients we do not allow that are commonly found in products out there)
  • Embracing high-standard products
  • Supporting brands that are cruelty-free and sustainably made

We make sure to provide you with pure, toxin-free skin care that are made straight from the earth, without any harsh chemicals. We only want the best for you!


Our Principles

Beauty encompasses every part of your being, from the inside out, and we believe nature is the better way to nurture your beauty. Natural and organic products are not only good for your skin; they are good for your entire body.

A healthy lifestyle is all-encompassing — from the foods you feed into your body, to the skin care you apply onto your skin. So what you put on your skin and their compositions do matter.

When your beauty routine is free of harmful ingredients such as parabens, PEG compounds, petrochemicals, and unclean fragrances, you can rest easy knowing that your body is being taken care of the way nature intended. And that is how true radiance can be achieved.

We are Le Melior. We are the people who understand the importance of clean beauty. We are the people who want to inspire you to experience how beautiful being natural can be.