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YHLO Rapid Antigen Test Kit 5pcs
YHLO Rapid Antigen Test Kit 5pcs
YHLO Rapid Antigen Test Kit 5pcs


YHLO Rapid Antigen Test Kit 5pcs




Easily perform self-testing to protect yourself and others.

- Use of nasal swab samples for rapid detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigens to assist in assessing the status of novel coronavirus infection

- Can detect coronavirus variants, including alpha, beta, gamma, delta, omicron etc.

- Obtained EU CE certification (CE1434), and obtained local registration in Germany, France, Italy, Japan and other countries

- Passed the clinical evaluation of various countries e.g. UK, Germany and Japan, and included in the EU Health Security Commission’s common list of COVID-19 rapid antigen tests

- Clinically validated sensitivity of 96.38% and specificity of 99.56%

- Simple procedure with results available in 15 minutes


- 使用鼻拭子樣本快速檢測 SARS-CoV-2 抗原,以幫助評估新型冠狀病毒感染的狀況

- 可以檢測到新冠病毒變異體,包括 alpha, beta, gamma, delta, omicron等

- 獲歐盟CE認證 (CE1434),並獲得德國,法國,意大利,日本等多個國家的當地註冊

- 通過全球多國測試,列入歐盟健康安全委員會(HSC)新型冠狀病毒快速抗原檢測試劑清單

- 臨床驗證靈敏度 96.38%,特異度 99.56%

- 操作簡單快速,只需15分鐘就可以取得測試結果

This product is only offered in HK. 此產品只在香港銷售。

Options for delivery/pick up:

  • Shipping: Free delivery for orders over $400 (can combine with other items) - Please note SF Express/our other delivery service partner has currently suspended delivery to all isolation centers and community treatment facilities. As for buildings with confirmed cases in the past 14 days, customers may choose to pick up the package from the courier staff downstairs or arrange self-pick up at a SFHK self-operated network point.


  • Meet up: For orders of 5 boxes (25pcs) or more, pick up can be arranged at Causeway Bay Times Square on Tues or Fri 2:30pm-6pm, subject to availability and confirmation of time and date with us - Please contact us directly to place the order if you want to arrange pick up in-person.



  • 運送:訂單滿$400免運費 (可與其他商品合併) - 請注意,順豐/另外的運送夥伴目前暫停所有隔離中心及社區治療設施的派送服務,而過去14天内曾有確診個案的樓宇,客戶可選擇在處所樓下與收派員交收快件,或安排於順豐香港自營網點自取。


  • 見面交收: 訂購5盒(25支)或以上,可安排星期2 或星期5 下午2:30至6點於銅鑼灣時代廣場見面取貨 - 請直接聯絡我們下單,並先與我們安排時間和日期。


*Please note this product is not applicable for any discount/promotion. 此產品不適用於任何折扣/優惠。





1. Insert the swab into your nostrils and rub the swab against the wall of your nostrils several times to collect sample
2. Mix the sample into the buffer solution
3. Close the cap of the solution bottle
4. Squeeze 3 drops of the solution into the well of the test device
5. Wait for 15 minutes 
6. Obtain negative or positive results

*Please refer to the instructions in the product for detailed usage

1. 將採樣棒伸入兩邊鼻孔並沿着鼻孔內壁打圈收集樣本
2. 將樣本混合於測試溶液內
3. 蓋好測試溶液的瓶子
4. 滴3滴溶液到檢測裝置的樣品孔內
5. 靜待15分鐘
6. 得出陰性或陽性結果 






Included in the box: 5 pcs
規格: 5個裝







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YHLO Rapid Antigen Test Kit 5pcs

YHLO Rapid Antigen Test Kit 5pcs