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Dr. Alkaitis Organic Day Cream - Natural & Organic Skin Care
Dr. Alkaitis Organic Day Cream Packaging - Natural & Organic Skin Care

Dr. Alkaitis

Organic Day Crème




This deeply moisturizing day cream is loaded with strong antioxidant power that protects and revitalizes your skin as well as anti-inflammatory ability that soothes your skin and restores balance. It enhances your skin’s healing mechanism and strengthens its natural barrier to shield it from environmental stressors while smoothing fine lines.

Included in this potent blend are antioxidant-rich water navelwort and echinacea root. Water navelwort works to improve circulation and increase collagen and healthy skin cell production. Aiding in cell regeneration, echinacea root helps fight fine lines and wrinkles. Also, another key ingredient in this cream is the amazing sacha inchi oil, which is one of the highest plant sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. While providing long lasting hydration without clogging the pores, it maintains elasticity, diminishes the signs of aging, and promotes softness and suppleness.

這款日霜含有深層保濕成分,並具有高效的抗氧化能力,保護肌膚和使肌膚更有活力。它還具有抗炎效用,舒緩肌膚及重塑內在平衡。 它可補充肌膚水分,增強肌膚的天然屏障,以保護肌膚免受環境損害,同時幫助減少細紋。

這款面霜其獨特的成分包含印加果油。 這種油是Omega-3脂肪酸的最高植物來源之一,可保持肌膚的滋潤,強化和平滑肌膚,並提供抗氧化效用,以對抗皮膚老化的跡象。 配方同時含有富含抗氧化成分的積雪草和款冬,在深層滋潤肌膚的同時保護肌膚。





After cleansing and toning, apply to face and neck sparingly and massage into skin.

Because this cream is created with living ingredients, be sure to put the lid on the bottle after each use to maintain its purity.







Aloe Vera Gel*, Shea Butter*, Herbal Skin Support Complex (Water Navelwort*, Horsetail*, Coltsfoot*, Marigold*, Echinacea Root*, St. John's Wort*), Vegetable Lecithin*, Borage Oil*, Buriti Oil*, Sacha Inchi Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Fenugreek Gum, Xanthan Gum, Tocopherol (Full Spectrum Natural Vitamin E Complex), Natural Vitamin C Complex (Camu Camu Extract, Acerola Extract*), Citrus Seed Extract*, Aroma (A blend of 100% Pure Essential Oils), Geraniol**, Farnesol**, Limonene**, Linalool**

*Certified Organic   **Naturally occurring from essential oils





1 fl oz (30 ml)



Dr. Alkaitis Organic Day Cream - Natural & Organic Skin Care

Organic Day Crème